Exported Items


• Raw Jute, Jute Cuttings & Mesta (All grades & qualities).
• Jute Yarn/Twine (Various ranges in counts & qualities upto to 300 Lbs. Sacking and Hessian Qualities on /Cones/Trusses and on Hank/Bales. CB, CRM/CRT qualities on ranging from 4.8 Lbs to 32 Lbs in single and ply, on Jumbo Cones/Trusses & also on Pallets.
• Vat Dyed Fast colour and Bleached Jute Yarn/Twine various counts.
• Jute Goods: - Hessian, Sacking Cloth/Bags, Carpet, Backing Cloth.
• Jute Nursery Sheets/squares:- Different sizes, 1,000 Pcs. Packed per Bales.
• Jute Tapes for Plants/Trees:- Width ranging from 10cm to 120cm X Length 20m in Roll Form.
• Jute Fancy & Design/Decorative Cloth for Wall Covering & Geo-Jute (Soil saver cloth).
• Jute Design & Plain, Woven and Braided Rugs & Mats.
• Jute Ropes upto 24mm Dia on Spool/Cake Form.
• Jute Sliver on Rolls, Processed Jute, Cut Jute of 7cm - 10cm length, Jute Caddies, Jute Thread Waste, Mixed Colored Jute Thread Waste (for use in construction and manufacturing Jute-Felt Cloth/Insulator for Automobiles).
• Jute Webbing of different weights and width ranging from 2” to 4” in width plain & striped.
• Jute Braids, Jute Shoe Soles & Jute Shoes of any width and size.
• Jute Garden Twine/Cord, Tomato & Tobacco Twine etc. on Coreless Mini-Spools and Balls ranging from 50grms and above.
• Geo Jute/Soil Saver.
• Jute Handicrafts, Jute Shopping Bags & School Bags, Jute Wine/Water Bags, Jute File Folders, Design & Fancy Pottery.

* Textile Products and Textile Waste.
* PP Woven Bags of different sizes, weights & deniers.


Hydrocarbon free/Vegetable oil treated Jute yarn on demand.
We use the world's finest hard district Jute in our batch.
We maintain strict shipment schedule
We do not compromise when it comes to quality and we may most humbly claim that we are the cleanest Exporter in the world.


Bangladesh Jute Goods Association
Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation
Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry